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Don’t wear shorts.

Shorts is def something I don’t wear. I try to show the smallest amount of skin possible, if I do show skin its like cleavage, but shoulders always covered.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I wore shorts.. To my guess I was like 10..  or 11. I remember all of my highschool always covered. Hoodie EVERYDAY. No arms showing no nothing. I just started to be okay with wearing something that doesn’t close in the front recently.

After this it makes me thing, where did I get all my insecurities? No one has ever called me fat, or called me ugly. No one has ever hated on me.

One thing I’m really excited about is all the clothes I will get to wear. The dresses, the shirts, the skirts, SHORTS! The shorts in the picture are size 16, and I think I’m going to force myself to wear them out. They look good I think.. So why not?

Update on exercise.. Still haven’t made it to the gym. Been doing cardio around the house.. And the ab circle pro. Again, all the ACP is doing is hurting my back.


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