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Back from Vaca!

I just got back from vacation, and I’m back on the game. I haven’t been able to go to the gym yet.. (been slammed with a 34 hours in 4 days from work! Tuesday being my day off!) But my eating is back on track, and working out like a mad women is about to start tuesday!

Lets talk about my vacation! It was +30 degrees EVERYDAY in denver. I had to get over my insecurities and wear something FOR SUMMER.

SO I pulled my head out of the dirt, and wore shorts outside. I had planned this, but I didnt know if I actually had the guts to do so? I liked it.. I like shorts. I want to buy more.

Eating in Denver was monitered, but not limited. Sad to say, we ate out multiple times. Mainly chipotle burritos. I had burgers, steaks, salads, and pasta. All super good food. Also, frozen lemonade once, and a snow cone at the Rockies game!

Yep, lots of treats were had. Now its time to get back on my diet, and get back on a plan. First I want to note, no weight was gained!

I’m going to start counting calories again tomorrow, using the Lose It! App on my phone. I’m also thinking about weight watchers.. Theres one a few blocks away from where I lived. Has anyone used it? Is it worth doing?


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