Eat, Shrink & Smile.


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Its been a few months since I did this. Im ready to start again. Sad to say, nothing changed.. but Im back in.

Honestly I haven’t even weighed myself in months. I haven’t watched what I’ve eaten, BUT, I have become more comfortable with myself and my body. I don’t hate myself.

I’m not going to sit there and say, “im going to eat certain amount of calories everyday, and work out everyday”, because  we all know I’ve done it 100 times, and given up. I think the most I’ve lost was 10 pounds?

Nothing makes this time different as of right now.. but I want this so bad. I want to be skinny for my health, and to let myself out of the shell. I don’t really want to be the pretty girl who’s fat.. forever?

I’ve been watching a few youtube videos.. Maybe I’ll even do that.

Lets go 2011?


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