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Concentrate on the good

No, I did not attend the gym everyday this week. No, I did not eat super good all week. BUT today was awesome. I ate healthy, and I counted all my calories using the Lose It app on my phone. (does anyone use it and wanto be buds?)

Speaking of better eating, Im revisiting one of my favorites… Banana-strawberry smoothie! This is what I’ve been having for breakfast before school.. Quick, and im actually eating breakfast!

So today is day 1.. Lets see if I can make it to day 2?


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Its been a few months since I did this. Im ready to start again. Sad to say, nothing changed.. but Im back in.

Honestly I haven’t even weighed myself in months. I haven’t watched what I’ve eaten, BUT, I have become more comfortable with myself and my body. I don’t hate myself.

I’m not going to sit there and say, “im going to eat certain amount of calories everyday, and work out everyday”, because  we all know I’ve done it 100 times, and given up. I think the most I’ve lost was 10 pounds?

Nothing makes this time different as of right now.. but I want this so bad. I want to be skinny for my health, and to let myself out of the shell. I don’t really want to be the pretty girl who’s fat.. forever?

I’ve been watching a few youtube videos.. Maybe I’ll even do that.

Lets go 2011?

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Cooking isn’t my best skill.

I had the best dinner planned out the other day. Chicken burgers topped with home-made guac. Now, let me tell you I LOVE GUACAMOLE! Chiptole being my favorite thing to eat in the states, and the guac there is so good. Why can’t I made good guac?

Anyways, I made this super good looking burger. Not ketchup, just the avo, and cheese. IT WAS TERRIBLE ! Everything was wrong. The chicken had a hard skin, the guac I couldn’t even stand, and the bread was just as bad. I thought this was going to be an amazing meal, but nope! I was wrong.

Working out update.. Blah. Have been working alot, and Haven’t made it to the gym. I know the only person I’m letting down is myself specially since I did so well last week. I will get back into it. ASAP.

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I’m feeling pretty bummed. I worked out so hard last week, and total weight loss is less then a pound. Its kinda discouraging. I blame the way I ate. I didn’t try hard enough there.

I’m upping fruit intake. And smart water. And FORMULA 50. Only because I love that stuff.


no more red meat.

Lets try again this week! Should be alright.. Sorry for the quick post. 😛

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New Shoes + Fruit again!

You will be glad to know I’ve been going to the gym alot. Within the last 6 days I’ve gone 3 times! All for 2 hours each! Its been so good.

I had to buy new runners because my old ones just weren’t working. Everytime I would work out my left pinkie toe would fall asleep, and it was so uncomfortable. I’m gunna give these ones a try tomorrow, I bought them today, and hopefully things work out.

Also, I’ve been really into juicing. I don’t know really what else to say about it, besides the fact that I’ve been doing it alot. and it uses up alot of my fruit. 😦

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Back from Vaca!

I just got back from vacation, and I’m back on the game. I haven’t been able to go to the gym yet.. (been slammed with a 34 hours in 4 days from work! Tuesday being my day off!) But my eating is back on track, and working out like a mad women is about to start tuesday!

Lets talk about my vacation! It was +30 degrees EVERYDAY in denver. I had to get over my insecurities and wear something FOR SUMMER.

SO I pulled my head out of the dirt, and wore shorts outside. I had planned this, but I didnt know if I actually had the guts to do so? I liked it.. I like shorts. I want to buy more.

Eating in Denver was monitered, but not limited. Sad to say, we ate out multiple times. Mainly chipotle burritos. I had burgers, steaks, salads, and pasta. All super good food. Also, frozen lemonade once, and a snow cone at the Rockies game!

Yep, lots of treats were had. Now its time to get back on my diet, and get back on a plan. First I want to note, no weight was gained!

I’m going to start counting calories again tomorrow, using the Lose It! App on my phone. I’m also thinking about weight watchers.. Theres one a few blocks away from where I lived. Has anyone used it? Is it worth doing?

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Don’t wear shorts.

Shorts is def something I don’t wear. I try to show the smallest amount of skin possible, if I do show skin its like cleavage, but shoulders always covered.

I honestly don’t remember the last time I wore shorts.. To my guess I was like 10..  or 11. I remember all of my highschool always covered. Hoodie EVERYDAY. No arms showing no nothing. I just started to be okay with wearing something that doesn’t close in the front recently.

After this it makes me thing, where did I get all my insecurities? No one has ever called me fat, or called me ugly. No one has ever hated on me.

One thing I’m really excited about is all the clothes I will get to wear. The dresses, the shirts, the skirts, SHORTS! The shorts in the picture are size 16, and I think I’m going to force myself to wear them out. They look good I think.. So why not?

Update on exercise.. Still haven’t made it to the gym. Been doing cardio around the house.. And the ab circle pro. Again, all the ACP is doing is hurting my back.

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Sugary Cereals.

I have a weakness for sugary cereals. Frosted flakes & Fruitloops are the two I mainly get. I’ve tried special K with strawberries, and hated it. I really need to find a cereal that isnt 12g of sugar in basically every spoon full.

What are some cereals people love?

I didnt really work out, nor eat super heathly. BUT I didn’t over eat like usually.

I really hope I’ll make the gym before Monday (trip day..). I’ve been doing the ab circle pro, but I dont really know what else thats doing other thn hurting my back. My goal is to not eat bad in Denver, but def eat what I want at the same time.

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Size 16 Jeans.

This is actually amazing for me. I don’t remember the last time I went shopping for jeans, and I was a size 16! I think the last jeans I bought about 3-4 years ago were size 20. No name. No brand. Old. I wear them today, and the look huge around my legs.

And now, SIZE 16 PANTS? This is amazing to my brain. This opens my clothing shopping ALREADY to 2193821 more places. I am going to hold off on the buying new clothes.. I just needed another pair of jeans that FIT for my job.

Remember my post on the beginning of March? Where I promised myself I wouldn’t give in to not being motivated. I lied.

I haven’t worked out very much.. Specially this job. Its NO excuse. I don’t want excuses, and I wont let myself listen to this excuse anymore. I have been doing very good with my diet (except for yesterday were I SHARED a piece of cake with my friend), but, I haven’t been doing well with going to the gym. I’m going to be starting my gym power again tomorrow.

I didn’t weight myself last tuesday. I think we might as well just wait for this coming up tuesday, because I mean, its already saturday!

PS – I got this new excited ACAI thing for my smoothies. 🙂 I’m excited to try it out.

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I see all these fitness blogs, and health food blogs making these amazing looking oatmeal breakfasts. Oats in a jar! EVERYTHING. Baked oats!

I decided to make my own.

So, mine looks good no? I have pumpkin oats, 1/2 sliced banana, and a small tablespoon of PB. Now you ask, how did it taste? IT TASTED SO BAD. I gagged through 70% of it. I decided in the end just to eat the toppest layer of banana with some peanut butter. I ended up throwing the rest away.

Right after that.. I got sick all day. 😦

I did manage to go to the gym, and get 2 miles on a treadmill.

30 minutes treadmill.

I really felt like I had to puked.. I am hoping that was just today. Tomorrow I’m going to try baked oats.. I really want to like oatmeal! It all looks so good online. haha.

Weigh-In Three Tomorrow!

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