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No, I did not attend the gym everyday this week. No, I did not eat super good all week. BUT today was awesome. I ate healthy, and I counted all my calories using the Lose It app on my phone. (does anyone use it and wanto be buds?)

Speaking of better eating, Im revisiting one of my favorites… Banana-strawberry smoothie! This is what I’ve been having for breakfast before school.. Quick, and im actually eating breakfast!

So today is day 1.. Lets see if I can make it to day 2?


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I’m feeling pretty bummed. I worked out so hard last week, and total weight loss is less then a pound. Its kinda discouraging. I blame the way I ate. I didn’t try hard enough there.

I’m upping fruit intake. And smart water. And FORMULA 50. Only because I love that stuff.


no more red meat.

Lets try again this week! Should be alright.. Sorry for the quick post. 😛

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I see all these fitness blogs, and health food blogs making these amazing looking oatmeal breakfasts. Oats in a jar! EVERYTHING. Baked oats!

I decided to make my own.

So, mine looks good no? I have pumpkin oats, 1/2 sliced banana, and a small tablespoon of PB. Now you ask, how did it taste? IT TASTED SO BAD. I gagged through 70% of it. I decided in the end just to eat the toppest layer of banana with some peanut butter. I ended up throwing the rest away.

Right after that.. I got sick all day. 😦

I did manage to go to the gym, and get 2 miles on a treadmill.

30 minutes treadmill.

I really felt like I had to puked.. I am hoping that was just today. Tomorrow I’m going to try baked oats.. I really want to like oatmeal! It all looks so good online. haha.

Weigh-In Three Tomorrow!

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Update #9

20  minutes intense ellipictal

20 minutes running

20 minutes biking

So, in total I reached 6 miles! Biggest in a day I have ever had. MY TOTAL 12.5/2010. I’m quite happy.. I needed a good workout because I knew what I was going to eat tonight. ahah. I’m excited to reach 6 again tomorrow.. Maybe more?

Oranges! I don’t think I have had an orange for quite a bit. Note to self.. Regular oranges don’t really peel the same at Christmas Oranges. Oh well.. It was good. I’m so glad I’m eating all this fruit I had “forgot’ about.

DINNER. We had a giftcard to The KEG. Ugh, I love the Keg. I knew how many calories I was going to eat.. and I wouldn’t deny myself any good meats. I had steak, shrimp, and a twice baked potato.

I tried to eat some ‘healthy’ ice cream afterwards.. I don’t really like it at all. Soy products are not my cup of tea. 😦

I noticed I always talk about healthy eating, and OVEREATING, and EATING OUT. Its really all I do. I wish I had more control.. But I promise I am getting better.

I will allow myself ZERO excuses. I have used them all upl

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Update #8

Saturday was a break day for me.. I didn’t go to the gym, and I *tried* to keep my calories under control, but in the end I dont know where I ended up. I went to the Cactus Club with my friend, her dad and her uncle. Lets just say I ate!

Today was MUCH better. I woke up early to go line up somewhere for a hockey game, but in the end, didn’t go. Thats good in a way! Saved me much unwanted calorie eating. CANADA FOR GOLD.

I did a little bit of shopping for fruit as well! I was running out, lol.

I started the day with a super good smoothie. Very filling too. Inside of it was a cup of yogurt, 4 frozen strawberries, 1.5 banana’s (i ate the rest..), and a nice spoonful of the new peanut butter I got. IT WAS SO GOOD. I miss making smoothies, and glad I did so today.

This is the peanut butter I got today… From Whole Foods. I’ve seen those ..’health’ blogs some girls have, and they always seem to have a thing for peanut butter! I saw this on one of the blogs, and it was a must by. Peanut Butter & Co! DELIOUS.

During the game I had about a 1.5 cups of pineapple. I was craving other things though… Pizza. Chicken Wings, Fries. A BURGER. The pineapple did me good though.. Ugh, I love pineapple. I need more now though..

For dinner I ate whatever again. I did have a few banana’s between breakfast-lunch-dinner. We had teriyaki chicken, white rice, and cream corn.

Tomorrow’s monday.. And then tuesday will be weigh in number two since I have started this blog! I hope it goes well.

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Update #7

I almost didn’t get up and go to the gym today. I got there pretty late.. at 12pm. Compared to other days when I’m there first thing in the morning! But, I have been staying up way later. 😦

Elliptical Intervals – 35 minutes

BRISK walking @ speed 4 – 10 minutes

I had meant to walk longer, and work my way up to a jog but didn’t.  Over all I did another 3.5 miles. So that makes total 6.5/2010. Lets just say we still have a long way to go!

I’m still doing the fruit thing.. My grandma is worried I’m ‘starving’ myself, but I really don’t see it that way. From about when I wake up to 5pm (When we have dinner), I get my fruit.veg intake. Today I had an apple, banana, raspberries, and peaches. I basically just eat as much fruit as I want, and it is 100% a better intake then what I had been snacking on before (Chips. High Calorie Sandwichs. TREATS.) For dinner I had prime rib, a small potato, and a large carrot.

Afterwards I was CRAVING that DQ Blizzard. You know, a small blizzard is anywhere from 500-1000 calories. Thats seriously ONE WHOLE workout just to rid of the blizzard.

I ended up getting this guy which is 290 calories a bar. For now I’ll take it… Its better then the extra 450 calories DQ would have awarded me.

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Update #6

The best thing in the world is when you put something on, and its fits different. Even though I have only lost 2 pounds (I should say my scale is wii fit for now.. lol) I can really tell the differents. Specially in the new coat I just bought a few weeks ago.. Its an XL DKNY Rain Jacket, and the fit was perfect. Now putting it on I feel like I’m wearing a parachute. Its kinda upsetting in way because I love this jacket.. And I did spend 100$! But, it only means I get new clothes soon. ahha.

Today was a break day. I tried to get up when I normally do to go to work-out.. But couldn’t. I didn’t end up getting out of bed until at least 12pm. It was needed I guess, But I’m feeling a little restless and can’t wait to work out tomorrow.

I ate some bananas, and raspberries most of the day. Then around 4.30 I watched by Thai Express, and NEEDED rice.

I have never had one of these little containers, and really think its the cutest thing ever.

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Update #5

Today I decided I’m a fruitarian til dinner time. We started the day off with tons of yummy kiwis.. Just when they are about to get soft.. Thats when I like them best. Then I had a banana, and now I’m having some raspberries! For dinner, I’m going to eat whatever everyone else is eating.. I can only eat fruit during the day, because seriously, I like my foods. hahaha

I was going to do the C25K challenge, but then I found something else called 2010 in 2010. 2010 Miles in 2010! I know I won’t get anywhere near 2010 miles this year… It would be 6 miles a day. Today I did 3, and almost died. haha. So, I’m basically moving up a mile a day. I couldnt run that far today.. It hurt my legs so bad. 😦

Running – 25 minutes – 1.05 miles!

Elliptical – 30 minutes intervals – 2 miles!

Weight lifting – mainly legs.. – 20 minutes

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