Eat, Shrink & Smile.


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Eat, Shrink & Smile.

Welcome to my little part on the web.. Its also my weightloss blog.

I need help keeping motivated, and what I need help with is eating, shrinking, and keeping smiling (Grammar? I dont care). And what the title is, its exactly what I want to do.

Currently I’m overweight.. I weighed in at the gym with 238.5! Gross! I don’t feel like a fat person.. I know thats stupid to say, but there is people who are happy to be fat. I don’t look at myself at fat, but the scale says otherwise!

I want to try and lose 10 pounds a month, I don’t know if thats really realistic, But I will try! I go and exercise at least for one hour a day (today was a rest day 😦 ) and have currently been doing this for a week or two?

I am truely doing this for appearance issues. I have crazy insecure.. I just want to ‘feel’ beautiful, and being skinny, or skinnier is really something I think I need to do that. Disagree? I don’t care, this is my journey.

Well, theres my short intro.. So lets get started. I hope to maybe meet a few friends while I do this.. and I hope i’m successful!


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