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Update #5

Today I decided I’m a fruitarian til dinner time. We started the day off with tons of yummy kiwis.. Just when they are about to get soft.. Thats when I like them best. Then I had a banana, and now I’m having some raspberries! For dinner, I’m going to eat whatever everyone else is eating.. I can only eat fruit during the day, because seriously, I like my foods. hahaha

I was going to do the C25K challenge, but then I found something else called 2010 in 2010. 2010 Miles in 2010! I know I won’t get anywhere near 2010 miles this year… It would be 6 miles a day. Today I did 3, and almost died. haha. So, I’m basically moving up a mile a day. I couldnt run that far today.. It hurt my legs so bad. 😦

Running – 25 minutes – 1.05 miles!

Elliptical – 30 minutes intervals – 2 miles!

Weight lifting – mainly legs.. – 20 minutes


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