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Update #9

20  minutes intense ellipictal

20 minutes running

20 minutes biking

So, in total I reached 6 miles! Biggest in a day I have ever had. MY TOTAL 12.5/2010. I’m quite happy.. I needed a good workout because I knew what I was going to eat tonight. ahah. I’m excited to reach 6 again tomorrow.. Maybe more?

Oranges! I don’t think I have had an orange for quite a bit. Note to self.. Regular oranges don’t really peel the same at Christmas Oranges. Oh well.. It was good. I’m so glad I’m eating all this fruit I had “forgot’ about.

DINNER. We had a giftcard to The KEG. Ugh, I love the Keg. I knew how many calories I was going to eat.. and I wouldn’t deny myself any good meats. I had steak, shrimp, and a twice baked potato.

I tried to eat some ‘healthy’ ice cream afterwards.. I don’t really like it at all. Soy products are not my cup of tea. 😦

I noticed I always talk about healthy eating, and OVEREATING, and EATING OUT. Its really all I do. I wish I had more control.. But I promise I am getting better.

I will allow myself ZERO excuses. I have used them all upl


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